Job Interview Preparation and Tips

Simple 12 important tips for job interview preparation..

Job Interview preparation and tips

Are you looking for a job? Or you are going to have an interview. If yes then, you have come to the right page.

Firstly Welcome to Hirefire! This page will provide you information on

“How to prepare for job interviews”
Hum! Got a job interview? Good Luck!

Honestly, I’ve never had second interviews because I was always hired on the first one. Oh lucky me! I have a few suggestions. If you follow them, you could be so lucky too!?

To make certain that you pass a job interview and the job become yours, all you need to do is to follow my tricks or tips whatever you call it. Let’s concentrate on attending the interview and getting well prepared, and that should bring you ahead of the other candidates before taking the interview!

Here are the steps for “How to prepare for job interviews”.

1. Your CV shouldn’t be more than 1 Page. 
Why? All Employers are interested in your Education and Experience. Mentioning too much information in your resume makes you almost a bluffer.

2. Take 2 to 3 hours to read about the company information and products or services in their websites. 
Try to understand about the company’s products and services very well. Any employer will be very happy to hear about their products and services and of course about their company from a third person. Also it makes employer feels like you are very motivated. Once again “Don’t go for an interview without knowing about the company information and products or services.”

3. Print your resume. Also photocopy all your certificates, achieved awards and impressive documents. 
Along with these documents take originals documents with you to the interview.

4. Don’t Be LATE for Interview!!!
Being late for an interview is the LAST THING you can do. Always go a couple of hours earlier and spend some time in a café nearby. Don’t knock on their door too early as well. If you reach on time it is a sign of a punctual employee.

5. Don’t take your friends and family with you. You are not going for a PICNIC.
Why? Is your friends and family applying for the job for you? If you take friends and family with you it shows that you are not capable person. It means you always need assistance to do anything.

6. Smart appearance will always show seriousness. 
Attending interviews with rocky and disco appearance can create question marks to employers. Even you are very skilful, it doesn’t show seriousness about the jobs. Remember, no employer would like to have an employee who doesn’t show seriousness with the jobs.

7. Now it’s about your skills.
The only person who can help about this is you. I am sure if you have done your related degree, certification, worked in the environment then it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you are not sharp about your skills then forget about this interview. Truth is you won’t be hired. Skill is the crucial point in the job role. Somehow you must brush up on your skills if you think it requires.

8. Don’t get nervous. You must make your eye contact and make yourself look very confident about the position.
Why should you be nervous? They’re not going to laugh at you. Build up the confident and try to be as friendly as possible with an appropriate manner. You’re getting paid for your service and your professional service is very important for employers as well.

9. Don’t praise too much of yourself. Let them realize that how good and cool you are.
“Me this, Me that, everything me me me” is not going to help in a job interview. Let employer ask you the question and find out about you. Please answer only what they require. Too much cooking can spoil the dish.

10. In the interview don’t try to pretend that you know everything. Admit if you don’t know what employer is asking about. 
Show them “I can learn, I will research about it”. Ask them if they have any good suggestion about the topic. This shows that you have very good attitude and can fit in the company team.

11. Ask them if they need any more skills in order to be a part of their team, and you are very keen on learning.

12. Finally don’t tell them about that I prepared you for the Interview :-).

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